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CNC Plasma Tubing Cutter

A concept that I'm currently designing and hopefully building in the next year.

27 Dec 2013

I ordered a rotational axis for the plasma tube cutter off of Ebay from China on 12/22/13 and recieved it today! 5 days from China to my front door!

07 Jan 2014

I ordered a hand tapping machine from Grizzly Industrial for the many holes that will need to be tapped on the frame and rails of the cutter. It came well packaged and coated for rust prevention. Unlike Harbor Freight the instructions were complete and easy to understand, had the correct hardware package, and all the holes lined up. Looks like a quality tool...only time will tell.

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27 Oct 2015

I finally started working on this project after sitting idle for almost 2 years. I've been collected most of the it's time to put them together. I grabbed an old rack mounted computer case from a neighbor and put all the drivers, controllers, and power supplies into the case after fabbing up a mounting plate and brackets.

I set up a profile in Mach3, got all the ports and pin configured, plugged it's alive!!